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Now, you too can enjoy the wonderful feelings of Holistic Therapies which will make you feel great!!! Tension and stress will melt away, muscle tightness will be alleviated. Your mental attitude will be enlightened and you will have better muscle flexibility, also have exceptional curative effects on certain complaints like insomnia, migraine, depression, blood pressure problems, stiffness of shoulders and other joint/knee pains, swellings, sports injuries and sex related problems.

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  • Our TreatmentsDrug-free treatment with zero side-effect for relief from chronic diseases.

    Treat chronic diseases such as imsonia, migraine, depression, headache, neck, back, knee and joint pains, cancer, constipation, gastric trouble and impotency (sexual problems).

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  • Our Articles Dr. Kamaljit brings to you interesting topics on a regular basis.

    Learn through a multitude of articles that bring to you general information and tips about personal health care and detailed information about the workings of bio-magnetic treatments.

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  • Our ProductsAccupressure and Magnetic Products for better health and lifestyle.

    Although you may (may not) be prescribed with our magnetic/accupressure products, they are suitable for everybody and can replace medicine as a preventive alternative through daily usage.

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  • Contact UsWe are here to guide you with our alernative treatment options.

    Come in for our consultation and let Dr. Kamaljit daignose and recommend a treatment plan before you undergo any form of surgery. Keep your options open.

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On behalf of His Holiness Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji"His Holiness’ Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji was suffering from numbness of his left leg after his bypass surgery. He was finding difficulty in walking or playing. Mr. Joginder Singh Oberai the Press Correspondent of The Tribune and The Daily Ajit News paper told guru Ji about Dr. Kamaljit Singh, and highly recommended about his successful treatment stories. Guru Ji decided to see Dr. Kamaljit Singh and made appointments. Dr.Kamaljit Singh Diagnosed Guru Ji as MAGNETIC FIELD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME which leads to poor circulation of blood in the nervous system and an opinion was put before His Holiness to undergo acupressure/magnetic treatment for couple of months. After about 33 sessions of treatment Guru Ji was able to swim in the canal without life jacket, before he goes on the bank of the canal just sit and do his meditation and comes back because of the problem he was unable to move frequently."

- On behalf of His Holiness Sat Guru Jagjit Singh Ji

Holistic Therapies

Dr. Kamal's Bio-Magnetic Holistic Health Centre provides drug-free treatment for relief from chronic diseases.

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Did You Know ?

When magnets are applied to the human body, magnetic waves pass through the tissues and secondary currents are induced.

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