Dr.Kamaljit Singh M.D.(A.M.),PhD, MWSAM (USA), FRHS (London), is a medical practitioner\'s of magnetic therapy and acupressure treatment, honoured with National Health Excellence Award by Government of India, and Gold Medal by Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India. He was also the former Chief Consultant to the Sultanate of Oman, plus the Physiotherapist for the Punjab Cricket Association of India.

Dr. Kamaljit became involved in the active research of several marketable Acupressure / Magnetic Health Care devices and products, and he specialised in the relatively unexplored topics of the effects of magnetism on the human body. This had intrigued him for many years, and he became convinced that tapping this neutral energy source could be a wonderful means of healing. His expertise in Accupressure treatments is well known, with amazing results being achieved, sometimes with just a few weeks of treatment. It is similar to acupuncture, but there are no needles involved, - just pressure to nerve points, so there are no side effects as is normally the case with drugs and medicines.

He provides a non-invasive "improved quality of life" because Magnetic Energy is an elementary energy upon which living organisms depend, so magnets have a beneficial influence on human metabolism and magnetic treatment is now recommended for the treatment of many diseases. Dr Kamaljit explains that when a magnet is applied to a body, magnetic waves pass through the tissues and secondary currents are induced, so when these currents clash with the magnetic waves. Impacting heat is produced on the body cells in that area and this impacting heat is very effective, for example, in reducing pain and swelling